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Brinsea’s classic Ova-Easy 100 Advance Incubator is a revolutionary cabinet model incubator.  The Ova-Easy is a durable, insulated design, with laminated panels which make it easy to clean.  The metal components are all galvanized or poweder coated, which does not provide any places to harbour bacteria, fungi or viruses.  All Ova-Easy incubators can be fitted with the Advanced Humidity Pump, which enables complete digital control of internal humidity.  Also, by sending water only when humidity is below the desired level, it does not create a reservoir of water for foreign organisms to establish.  This concept is unique to the Brinsea Ova-Easy design.  All Ova-Easy machines have three turning trays and the bottom can be used for hatching.  The universal egg trays are slatted to facilitate different sized eggs all on one tray.  The hatching trays are covered by another egg tray to prevent chicks from escaping.

Included: Ova-Easy 100 Incubator, with digital tempertaure control, humidity readout, egg turning controls, and temperature alarms.  Also includes- 2 universal egg trays, slats for egg separation, 2 sets of hatching tray pegs, 2 hatching tray covers.

Please note: There is no hatching capacity in the Ova-Easy 100 unless both trays are leveled.  New units include the additional equipment required to hatch on the 2 racks.

Standard Specifications:

Measurements (Inches) 25x17x19
Medium Chicken Egg Capacity 96
Power Usage 80 Watts Avg
Digital Temperature Control Yes
Automatic Turning Yes
Automatic Humidity Available Yes with optional Advance Humidity Pump.
Additional Options
  • Can be purchased with the Ova-Easy Advance Humidity Pump for complete digital control.
  • All Ova-Easy 100’s include 2 universal egg trays, 2 set of 4 pegs, a water resevoir, and 2 hatching tray covers.
  • Estimated egg capacity-248 quail, 118 pheasant, 60 duck, 30 goose.



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