Octagon 40 Humidity Pump

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This add-on package upgrades the Octagon 40 Advance with AutoTurn Cradle, which is one of the most high-tech small-use incubators in the world.  They are completely digital, using reliable environmental-sensing technology, they constantly monitor the conditions inside the incubator, sensing temperature and humidity.  All Octagon 40 Advance Incubators include internal humidity and temperature display and also come complete with the auto-turn cradle.  With the upgrade to EX package, customers have completely digital control of humidity as well.  The pump sends water into the incubator when required, providing complete digital control of the incubator humidity.

Standard Specifications:

Measurements (Inches) Incubator Only N/A
Measurements (Inches) Incubator in Cradle N/A
Medium Chicken Egg Capacity N/A
Power Usage  25 Watts Avg (29 Incubator with cradle)
Digital Temperature Control N/A
Automatic Turning N/A
Automatic Humidity Available Upgrades Octagon 20 Advance to EX with this add-on.
Additional Options
  • EX Package only- Additional Egg Dividers, Foam Dividers & Basket Liner, Evaporating Cards, Humidity Pump, Silicone Tubing


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