Mini ECO Incubator


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The mini ECO is a basic, affordable incubator for beginner incubations.  The mini ECO includes an easy-to-read thermometer, viewable from outside the machine.  Temperature is easily controlled using a flat-headed screw driver and adjusting the setting by spinning the thermostat.  This thermostat is Brinsea’s classic system, reliable and trustworthy.

The clear-cabinet design makes visibility excellent and allows you to watch your chicks hatch with 360 degree vision!

Standard Specifications:

Measurements of Unit (inches) 6.5h x 8 round
Medium-size Chicken Egg Capacity 11
Power Usage 12 Watts Avg, 18 Watts Max
Digital Temperature Control No- manual thermometer included.
Automatic Turning No
Automatic Humidity Available No
Additional Options
  • Can be used with a 12-volt car charger.



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