ChickSafe Coop Door Kit

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Brinsea’s coop door and runner kit is a great solution for those not able to use their existing coop door or do not yet have a door.

The runners and door are made of the best quality aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance. Strong yet light, this kit is an ideal replacement for chicken coops with horizontal sliding doors or for chicken coops with heavy doors.

Easy to fit and suitable for nearly all coops, this will get you up and running in no time. The door measures 9 inches x 12 inches (22.5cm x 30cm) with two runners, fully exterior grade weatherproofed aluminium, measuring 24 inches (60cm) in height.

Each coop construction is different. To allow maximum flexibility of installation no hardware is supplied with this door kit. Please also note that you will need to be able to drill aluminium to install this door kit.


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