New Brinsea Ovation, Mini II and Maxi Incubators are coming!

You may have noticed some new products on our site available for purchase.  We are expecting our first inventory of the new Brinsea items sometime during the week of January 23rd.  While we have a number of the new units expected, orders are coming in quickly.  We will prioritize orders as they are received and ship as soon as they arrive.  We will advise you if there will be a delay on shipping your order beyond January 27th.  We thank you for your patience as we shift our inventory to these new products, and we look forward to providing our customers a more broad array of products at a better price than previous models.

When the new models arrive, we will be adding product reviews as we demo the models at our Avian Research Facility.  Please check back often for more details.  For now, you can find more promotional and information documentation below.

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