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We try to respond to all legitimate e-mail enquiries within 48 hours.  When high volumes of enquiries are coming in, the response time may be delayed.

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    1. Hi, what model? We are out of stock on mini advance but have most others. We can ship tomorrow. Call us at 604-597-8299 asap tonight so we can be sure it goes out in our pickup tomorrow morning.

  1. I have a Brinsea Mini Advanced incubator. I bought it last December and have used it a few times. I plugged it in to use it recently and it is not working. Do you have any advice. Have you heard of this happening before?

    The store that I purchased it from didn’t mention anything about a warranty so I didn’t realize that I could have registered for one.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi April, there are usually a number of included papers that mention the required registration in the box the incubator is provided with. It could simply be an issue with the power supply chord. That may be a simple fix. You’re welcome to send us an e-mail describing the problem in more detail and we can work through it. Please send it to Thanks, and thank you for choosing Brinsea products!

  2. Hi, I placed an order for a Brinsea Incubator. I clicked on “place order” at the same time as I had noticed the “shipping unavailable”. My payment was recieved and I have an order Number. Just wondering what I should do, if anything?

    1. Hi Lisa, we received the order. It should ship out tomorrow. That seems to appear on orders where shipping is included in the price of the product or there is free shipping on the product. Thanks for your order!

    1. Hi Andrea, the price of shipping is included in our incubators now. The system defaults to no option as it doesn’t recognize the price is included. Sorry for the mixup. Feel free to complete the order and we can process it asap. We are short or out of stock on Octagon 20 Advance and Octagon 40 Advance for the time being but expect stock relatively soon.

        1. Unless the customer is will to accept small products shipped without tracking, that is what we are charged for shipping orders with tracking capability from the carriers. The problem arises if items are lost and/or delayed in the carriers system. We have been accused of not shipping items before and yet they have arrived after shipping replacements with tracking due to carrier delays beyond our control.

          1. Shoot us an email confirming the items and your address and we can send you an e-invoice. Postage is $2 for up to 10 sheets.

  3. I notice the pacific time zone and your phone number. Do you allow pick ups instead of shipping? I travel from Alberta through to Kamloops, up to lillooet, downto whistler, squamish and lower mainland often.

  4. Hi – I am unsure how to put the incubator on the turning cradle. The little peg on the side with the turning motor is at an angle and does not slide perfectly on the incubator. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and of course I don’t want to force the motor… Thanks for helping out!

    1. Hi Julie, it should fit comfortably into the cradle. You may want to let the turner rotate without the incubator on it for a while to reposition itself. This may make it easier to place the incubator onto the cradle. Also, tilting the incubator gently may align it with the direction the cradle is in, just be gentle and never force it.

  5. Hi Clayton,
    The fan on one of my mini eco advances (classroom kit) is making a loud buzzing noise. Do you have any advice? It is a fairly new incubator.
    Thank you,

  6. Fantastic company! Loved the incubator that I ordered, and Clayton was wonderful to deal with. Definitely recommend this company when looking for a new Brinsea incubator!

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