We have been involved in avicultural initiatives for over 25 years. Aviculture is commonly referred to as the keeping of wild bird species in a managed environment. Avicultural efforts internationally are credited for the preservation of a number of species, including the Hawaiian goose, Spix’s Macaw, and the whooping crane. These species have been saved from extinction through captive breeding efforts, a feat that is impossible without some level of foundational knowledge in how to properly house, feed, and care for these species in a managed setting.

Our contributions have spanned from collaborative conservation efforts to producing bulletins, presentations, and publications for various sector partners and associations. We are proud to be part of the avicultural community and contributing through offering our various resources to create new and innovative learning opportunities and leveraging technology to build capacity for interested individuals and preserve these resources for future generations. Aviculture has played an incredibly important role in conservation and it likely will be further emphasized as we face climate change through shifts in seasonal variation and habitat loss.

If you have an avicultural idea, venture, or something you would like to discuss, please reach out to us. We are always open to collaborations and new opportunities to contribute to growth of knowledge and building relationships, especially if it creates new opportunities and education for young people interested in birds, in the wild, or in a managed setting.